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web development

Network Solutions

Get Best Data Center For Your Business

YCS Software deliver to you high quality single-mode and Multi-mode Fiber optic and blade servers from the leading suppliers.



Get The Science and Experience in Your Software

YCS Software interested about software criteria, the science rules and your needs in our software solutions in all careers.


Security & Surveillance Systems

PTZ, CCTV and IP Cam

We design your build single diagram If there is no to install cams in the best positions and you can observe by mobile device.



YCS Company for Software and Information Technology

YCS company began its work since 2006 by design its famous solution MixControl. and the company has evolved and gone through several stages until it became what it is now. the company has emerged in the software world since that moment, it has a lot of knowledge, academic and experience which gathered during these years.

The company's Message to use the computer in all business areas as appropriate for each area and increases the productivity of these works. The company's goal of elevating the level of customer service until after the satisfaction and cover all customers needs of Information Technology. The company's vision Use the thing for which it was created, so that we make the best use of all things.

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 Dr.Yasser The General Manager. 

Dr.Yasser Salah Eldin

 Dr.Yasmine Ali The Designs Management Manager. 

Dr.Yasmine Ali

 Mr.Mohammed Farouk The Director of The Sales Department. 

Mr.Mohammed Farouk

Our Services


Technical Support

Our team support you when you need that, by phone, remotely, chat and visits.


Financial Cloud

control your finance and all accounts remotely, from anywhere you find internet connection there.

Security & Surveillance Systems


Observe your company and home buildings remotely from anywhere by easily systems.

Training Department

Academic Team

We train your team work by academic instructors who have masters and PhD in IS field.


Best Price ,in The Fastest Time

We provide for you easier and faster procedures to accomplish your purchase process.

Team Work

Academic And Specialist Team

YCS company have the best staff in the information systems and computers technologies, Academic and Technical staff.