Yasser Combo Soft

YCS Company for Software and Information Technology

YCS company began its work since 2006 by design its famous solution MixControl. and the company has evolved and gone through several stages until it became what it is now. the company has emerged in the software world since that moment, it has a lot of knowledge, academic and experience which gathered during these years.

The company's Message to use the computer in all business areas as appropriate for each area and increases the productivity of these works. The company's goal of elevating the level of customer service until after the satisfaction and cover all customers needs of Information Technology. The company's vision Use the thing for which it was created, so that we make the best use of all things.


Dr.Yasser Salah Eldin

General Manager

Dr.Yasmine Ali

Designs Management Manager

Mr.Mohammed Farouk

Director of Sales Department

Our Great Teamwork

Dr.Yasser Salah Eldin

Dr.Yasser Salah Eldin YCS general manager and director of developers department - He has Information Systems Master degree and PhD reg. with experience 15 years in IT and IS Systems.

Dr.Yasmine Ali

Dr.Yasmine Ali YCS Manager of Designs department - she has Information Systems Master degree and PhD reg. and very good experience in graphics tools and multimedia solutions.

Mr.Mohammed Farouk

Mr.Mohammed Farouk qualified in communications, and has excellent experience in marketing of IT and IS field. He also worked as IT Technical a lot of years.

OUR Customers

  • Al-Shahd For Import & Export in Egypt
  • Balallah For Trade & Transport in Egypt
  • Al-Kholafaa Al-Rashdin Schools in Egypt
  • Bin Mealaq For General Contracting in KSA
  • Mills and Roasters Bin Mealaq in KSA
  • Mills and Roasters Al-Orouba in KSA
  • Al-Rhone Mall in KSA
  • Dr.Hassan Fikri Clinic in Egypt
  • Mosha Home Textile in Egypt
  • SAS Hotel in KSA